Rent Your Bike From GSM!

There is a long list of reasons why my experience with GSM MotoRent was excellent. I went from being nervous about trying to rent a vehicle to astonished at the ease and enjoyment of the whole experience. I am a young girl from Canada and I was completely green to the Mountain Riding or Off-Road experiences with motorcycles. My boyfriend suggested that I try some real motorcycle riding up in the mountains. Since I don’t have a motorcycle in the US, we were going to have to rent one for me. I was really worried about renting, since I am under 25 (which usually means TONS of extra fees) and since we had to drive 5 hours to get to the mountains and I had no idea if the motorcycle I wanted would be there! However, when I called to inquire, I was greeted by an incredibly friendly woman who answered all of my questions and said she could reserve the bike I wanted no problem. Since we were driving such a long way, we ended up stuck in some traffic and arrived later than I had indicated, but the motorcycle was still reserved no problem! I was delighted to find out that a 1-day rental was indeed a 24 hour rental and it was no problem for us to return the bike the following morning. While I was filling out paperwork to finalize the rental, Dan was talking my boyfriend through a bunch of suggested routes we could take to make sure I got all of the off-road and mountain experiences I came for! The owners were both incredibly helpful with route planning and even leant us a waterproof tank bag with maps and directions in it for our route! I had an absolute blast riding around in the mountains, definitely something I am going to do again! It poured rain on us a few times but it was still a great ride! When we arrived back to return the bike it was still raining and Dan greeted us, asking how the ride was in spite of the all of the rain, and we had a good chuckle over the whole experience. Having looked up prices before leaving, I knew that the rental was going to be $124 and had estimated spending about $200 after all the insurance fees and taxes had been applied. After the experience I had, this would have been a completely reasonable “price to fun” ratio. However, the icing on the cake of this whole experience was seeing my bill at the end of it all, $123.95! GSM is a down to earth rental place operated by genuinely good people. With no hesitation, I recommend this experience to everyone! If you are trying to plan your vacation next summer, make it a motorcycle trip to the mountains, and rent your bike from GSM!

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