Enjoy and great adventures to all.

If you want to do something fantastic, if you want an experience you will not forget, check out a trip with GSM Moto Rent to Terlingua Texas.  Where the hell is that you say…..as did I!  It’s in the Big Bend area of Texas.   Dan Dickie and his lovely wife Debbie are hanging their shingle in the amazing town of Terlingua Texas for a portion of the year.  Why you say? as did I.  Because as they showed me, it is one of the coolest places on earth and it near some of the most amazing riding I’ve ever seen.  The asphalt roads are great and scenic, the surroundings are beautiful in a way that cannot be described, but lets talk about the 60 mile river road trail that absolutely blew my mind.  Dan and his good riding buddy Karl tooks us on this road that challenged all my riding skills and then some.  It is truly like another world.  But when the going got to rough, Dan was right there helping me through it with a smile.  In fact, it seems that Dan always smiles.

In my life, I go after amazing experiences.  I kite board, race shifter karts, whitewater kayak, surf kayak, climb and in general try to leap tall buildings with a single bound.  It is all about the great adventure for me.  Well, that few days with Dan in Terlingua and the Big Bend area were some of the more amazing times in my life. When is the last time you camped in the desert at night.  You need to!  When is the last time you heard a silence so quiet that it hurt your ears?  It is another world and you will love it.

Dan, Debbie and their company GSM Moto Rent have been showing me a great time in the Smoky Mountains for a few years now.  Their excellent motorcycles and great attitudes have made numerous great trips possible and a great amount of fun.  I greatly appreciate them including me on this preview trip of the new area for their business and I know you will have an amazing experience if you partake of that experience with them.  You’ve gotta do this, you gotta see this place.  I am hoping that Dan will put this letter on his web site and I am hoping he feels free to put my contact information in as well.  I will gladly talk to you and personally tell you that you should go to Terlingua Texas.  If nothing else, how many people have ever been there?
Enjoy and great adventures to all.

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