We’re already planning to do it again.

Three friends and I visited GSM MotoRent earlier this year. We arrived much later than expected, tired, wet, and hungry from a long miserable rainy day on the road. Dan and Debbie waited up for us and cheerfully greeted us. Debbie asked if we had eaten and when we said no she gathered up some fresh greens from her garden to go along with the fresh muffins and snacks already in the cabin. The food really hit the spot! They didn?t worry about check-in or payment but told us to have some food, get some rest, and see them in the morning. The cabin was very clean and cozy. We thoroughly enjoyed sitting on the deck listening to the river run past and slept very well. In the morning Dan was very efficient and helpful about getting all our paperwork done, explaining the bikes, and suggesting routes. The bikes were in great shape and well maintained. We had an unbelievable day riding 180 miles of excellent paved and unpaved roads in and around Smoky Mountain National Park. We arrived back at GSM in the late afternoon very happily tired. We all agreed it was one of the most enjoyable motorcycling days we?ve ever had. This was our first experience with GSM MotoRent and it could not have been better. Dan and Debbie are wonderful people and run a top-notch outfit. We’re already planning to do it again.

Joe Nardy

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