Good morning Dan and Debbie,

I trust you found the keys where I left them under the mat, and that the motorcycle is returned in the same condition that it was when I left Friday except for the mileage I put on it. Please let me know if you have any concern that you want to bring to my attention. I wanted to tell you that I followed your instructions and sprayed the lube on the chain right after the first long ride while it was still warm. (My riding buddy helped me, and he said it is best to apply chain lube when the sprocket is warm.)

I had such a great weekend of camping and riding – perfect weather, as you know! And I realize you both ride regularly, so you know what a joy it is, especially riding that motorcycle! The bike is a real head-turner, and so many people stopped and asked me how I liked riding it. It didn’t give me any problems at all, and it was so much fun. We stayed overnight in Murphy, North Carolina and rode in the North Georgia Mtns.

I am so glad that you provide this amazing opportunity for people who want to ride motorcycles!

Thank you again,

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