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Frequently Asked Questions about GSM Motorent’s Services

General Questions

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What do rentals include?


  1. Roadside Assistance:  If you experience a mechanical failure during your rental we will come to you to repair or replace bike if necessary. Mechanical failure is any problem with bike caused by normal usage, it does not include flat tires, broken levers caused by tip over, or any other issue caused by the renters operation or due to possession of bike.
  2. Mandatory Liability Insurance
  3. A motorcycle! Choose from a late model BMW, Triumph, Kawasaki, or Suzuki.
  4. Mileage! Unlimited mileage on rentals of two or more days, 300 miles included in a 1 day rental.
  5. Pre Ride Check Out.  Thorough pre ride check out with bike.
  6. Maps and self guided routes, including dual sport routes.
  7. 24 hour rental period
  8. Side cases/Panniers, not available on all 650cc and smaller bikes.
  9. 24 hour emergency contact number.
  10. Free storage for your luggage or baggage.
  11. For Great Smoky Mountains rental, free pick-up and return to the Knoxville, TN airport, with 3 day or longer rental.
Can I take the bike off road?

You are allowed to take our adventure and dual sport bikes off the pavement on gravel forest service and fire roads, if fact we encourage it. We have many self guided dual sport routes for you to choose from that are included with your rental.

What if I damage the bike?

You are responsible for any and all damage to the bike during your rental period. If you purchase the optional Collision Damage Waiver then you are only liable for the first $1000 of damages.

What if I have a mechanical breakdown?

First, we're constantly rotating bikes in and out to keep the average age low. Second, we work hard to maintain our bikes the best we can to prevent any type of mechanical failures. But, in the event you did call our 24 hour number and we will make every effort to repair or replace you bike in a timely manner.

Can I return the bike after normal business hours?

Yes, we'll be happy to make arrangements for you to drop the bike off anytime you like.

Do you deliver?

We'll be happy to deliver your bike for an additional charge if this helps you to get the most out of your stay in the mountains, just call the office with your location and we'll get you a quote.

Do I need a rain suit?

Yes. It's not uncommon to run into a brief shower anytime of the year in the mountains. We highly recommend textile riding suits that are waterproof and offer good ventilation as well, not to mention the protection they provide. We have a limited amount jackets, pants and rain suits available for rent on a first come first served basis.

Are helmets mandatory?

Yes. We, our insurance company, and the law requires a DOT certified helmet in both TN and NC for the operator and passenger. We do have helmets available for rent by highly recommend bringing your own for the best fit and comfort.

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