Forest Roads in the Great Smoky Mtn. Nat’l Park

There are 3 nice gravel forest roads in the national Park, they are all one way, the first 2, Parson’s Branch and Rich Mtn. are accessible through the one way parson branch rd signCade’s Cove Loop.
This loop can get pretty crowded in the summer as this is one of the more popular places in the park. It is opened to traffic at dawn except on Wednesdays and Saturdays where it opens at 10 AM to allow non motorized traffic early in the day. So best to get there early to avoid the traffic, or show up around 9 on Wed. or Sat. so you get in front of the line when they drop the gate.
Heintooga is a 17 mile road in the East end of the park that cuts through some of the Cherokee reservation, really nice road that was closed the last couple of years but has since reopened.
Please keep in mind that the Park Service will close these roads from time to time due to downed trees, wash outs, or maintenance. Best to call the Road Info # for current conditions if the weather has been stormy, at 865-436-1200, ext. 631.

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