Cherohala Dual Sport Loop #1

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  1. Rob Trunz says:

    Thinking of making the trip down there with my bike. Do you sell just the routes/maps? I have ridden plenty down in your area but only on the street never off road and would like some guidance. I would even be interested if you had a tour going on this weekend May 1st thru May 3rd. I will be traveling alone.

  2. Gene Haffner says:

    Rob, sorry I am replying so late but rather late than never. I am a local and know these roads pretty good. There is a major flaw in your route and that is the leg called Parson’s Branch Road, between Rt 129 and Cades Cove in the GSMNP, Great Smokey Mountains National Park, or as we call it, the Park. 2 details: 1.) Parsons Branch is CLOSED, and if it were open, I would not recommend taking a motorcycle on it. There is significant trees that have fallen over and the road is impassible. Eventually the Park will have the time and $ to clear it., but even then, this road is better suited for a 4WD or other high ground clearance vehicle. 2.) Parsons Branch Road is ONE WAY from Cades Cove out to Rt. 129. Those details out of the way, you might want to consider “The Dragon” Rt 129 from Maryville over to Deals Gap. Continue on to Fontana, and eventually Cherokee. Then hop onto US 441 that goes from Cherokee NC into the Park thru the mountains and up to Newfound Gap. That’s the TN-NC State line. Continue on 129 down the mountainside into Gatlinburg and then back to Townsend or Walland or where ever you are starting from. Happy Trails!

    • Dan Dickie says:

      Gene, you are correct, PB has been closed for over a year now. Wishful thinking on my part has kept me from modifying the route on our website, but guess I do need to go ahead and change it to not include Parson’s Branch. We have changed our route sheets that we give out at the shop though.


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